Salmon and Sweet Potato Stars

As part of a healthy eating and healthy cooking goal, I’ve tried to get more vegetables on our plates but also more fish. I quite like fish but if its not covered in batter then I’m the only one in this household. Sweet potato, on the other hand, goes down quite well and its so versatile. Who have thought you could make it into a brownie?

Lil Man can be the best eater in the world but another week would happily live off toast and yoghurt. So I have to make sure our menus stay unpredictable and enticing, hence the stars.


This recipe, as most of my cooking, was done a bit ad-hoc. Rummaging through the cupboards to scrape together a dinner I found I had the following ingredients;

1 Tin of Pink Salmon
2 eggs
Dried parsley
1 clove garlic
Shop bought breadcrumbs (always handy to keep in the cupboard)
Frozen sweet potato chunks

I am a lazy cook. If there is a short cut I’ll take it (and that’s not just in cooking). Which is why I have so many ready chopped, sliced and prepared ingredients lying around.

Method (so easy)
1. Empty the tin and crack in 2 beaten eggs.
2. While you are mixing that grab 2 or 3 handfuls of the sweet potato chunks and bung in a bowl and microwave until soft.
3. Mash the potato and add to the fish.
4. Crush 1 clove of garlic into the mixture. Add a little salt and pepper.
5. It may be a little wet, so add the breadcrumbs to soak up some moisture. Enough so that the mixture becomes a more doughy texture.
7. Heat a drizzle of oil.
6. The star shape is, of course, optional. I used a cookie cutter. You can either add the mixture into the cutter before placing into a frying pan and then slowly take the cutter off as the mix solidifies more. Or place into a cake or muffin tin and place in the oven at 200 degrees (fan) for 20 minutes.

I did a bit of both as this mixture goes quite far, so I had enough for 4 large toddler meals or enough for one family. I chilled one batch to keep for another day. Both times they gobbled them up. Its ideal for baby led weaning but will suit the whole family.

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