Yet More Poop…

I have noticed a trend in the anecdotes I write, but also those I tell to friends and family in person. Poo. Or poop (depending on what side of the Atlantic you’re from). This has always been the case with me anyway; we all do it, we can all know about it and let’s face it…its funny right?Β Well not entirely. Poo stories are only ever funny on reflection or when it happens to other people. So here’s the latest one for your amusement.

Our household had been struck with yet another virus or tummy bug. Although after hearing about a friend whose family had encountered it recently, we probably got off lightly.


We had all had a restful night (for once) or at least that’s what I thought. It was Mummy’s turn for a lie in, so you can guess what that meant. All I could hear was ‘Oh God, urgh, what the…Oh Jesus’ from my husband. I thought, oh well, and rolled over. But then I couldn’t stand the Academy Award worthy performance any longer, so I grabbed my dressing gown and stomped into her room only to see her sleeping bag, bed sheets and hair encrusted with sick. Yes encrusted. How long had she been like that? God knows. But in our defense, she hadn’t cried or murmured all night.

The following night, it was Lil Man’s turn. Same scenario…middle of the night, all sound asleep and then pukey, vom, spew. Except we woke this time. Fortunately, there were no further chunks blown.

What about the poo? I hear you cry…

Well that came a couple of days later. Poor Lil Princess seemed to take the brunt of the virus.

I had put her down for a nap. She had seemed pretty volatile and clingy but I put that down to her being tired. When I returned I was hit with the stench again only this time it unmistakable. And it was visible. All over the sheets. The funny thing was (on reflection of course) she seemed to proud of it and cooed ‘Dat’ as she poked and smeared it around.

Oh and to top it off, at that same moment, I discovered the cat had puked on the landing.

It was my turn to do an Oscar Winning performance.



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  1. Hope everybody is feeling better. I’m pretty sure poop somehow finds its way into just about every conversation for the first 3 or four years of their little lives

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  2. Ohhhhhh noooooooooo! That sounds horrific. Reminds me of the time Youngest did something very similar and then when I was trying to clean up Youngest Oldest wandered in and was so horrified at the scene that she started vomiting everywhere. It was not a good day! #fridayfrolics

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  3. Oh no….I do feel so so sorry for you but I must admit I had to giggle because like you say, it’s funny when it’s happening to someone else. But I have had my share of poo accidents and I have lived to tell the tale but it is something I would not wish on anyone…well, except to make me laugh. hope everyone is all better now. Thanks for linking with #Passthe Sauce

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  4. Oh dear … it’s just so insulting when the pets join in too, isn’t it! Sorry but I did laugh a lot, even though it must have been hellish. Hope everyone’s healthy now! #FridayFrolics

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  5. Poo oh the poo πŸ’©πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ I have two boys and a husband, I’m pretty sure if poo powered cars were a thing we could power the whole estates car. Boys are gross. Far too much poo for my liking. I am like the queen of course and have never done such thing πŸ˜†. I hope she’s ok now. For your sake mainly πŸ˜‰ Gem X #fartglitter

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