Do Missing Toys Drive You Crazy?

I can’t abide seeing toys. I realise that I am probably not the only one, however, I am a self confessed Neat Freak.

Constantly tidying away, sweeping up and aligning up, I wear myself out. But at the end of the day when the kids are in bed, my space is MY space. I’ve blogged before about my high standards of neat and tidiness but not about how I drive myself crazy trying to meet those standards.

I often have to ‘streamline’ the amount of toys and teddies the kids have. So before every birthday and Christmas I sort through and donate some toys to charity. This may seem cruel or far-fetched but its the only way to keep from the toys breeding and overpopulating the house. I only get rid of one bag full at a time but imagine if I’d kept them all….every…single…toy. I can feel my throat closing up at the mere thought.


There is logic in my madness. First of all, being the head of the household (oh yup) I am required by all who reside in it, (including my husband) to know where every item is. At all times. Having to know where it all is can be challenging (and skillful might I add). So when Lil Man asks “Where’s little Lightning McQueen” or “Jess the Cat” both of which are very small toys indeed, I have to scroll through my mental catalogue of belongings that I store with my photographic memory to relocate it. So having fewer toys and particular homes for them all means this reduces the strain of this job.

However, nothing freaks me out more (other than a half live bird flapping and crapping in the kitchen that the cat dragged in. Literally.) is incomplete playsets. Whether it be a Postman Pat village with Jess having gone AWOL or the egg box with a missing shell.


Unfortunately, I think I have passed this quirk onto my children. At least one of them. Lil Man now goes into meltdown if Postman Pat isn’t sitting correctly at the wheel of his bright red van. Or begins to well up if I explain that I don’t know where Mrs Goggins is (she is often on ‘holiday’ these days but it may get to the point when I have to explain she has gone in a ‘retirement home’).

So in conclusion, I am trying to relax more on everything being in its right place. If not for my sanity, then to stop the kids going down this crazy road. But if you see that egg shell, let me know.

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  1. That egg box is the worst. There’s always one missing. We used to have a ‘chick hicks’ that constantly went missing. I swear that toy used to come to life and hide. Woody’s hat went missing for 6 months! Turned up randomly one day. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

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  2. I so get you! Missing toys get to me more than they do to my toddler (unless ofc its one of his fav cars that he wants RIGHT NOW!!!). And when you just can’t figure out where they’ve disappeared…. aaargh! Lovely post!

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