Poorly Mouth, Icky tum and a Naughty Cough

Childhood illnesses affect all kids, whether its chicken pox, a sick bug or coughs and colds. And they seem to be great collectors of these ailments.

My two are certainly no exception. In fact, they seem to be champions at this. And a runny nose just isn’t cutting the mustard. They have to pull out the ‘sickly child’ card with operations or labels that are 10 words long in Latin.

Honestly, I feel like they are poor Dickensian characters whose fate depends on whether some rich bloke is going to cough up (excuse the pun) some dough for their drugs. ‘Please Sir, its not just *cough cough* pulmonary stenosis *splutter* I’ve got the squits too’.

Recently, my daughter had a straightforward procedure on her tongue. In short, she had what can only be described as a split tongue which needed correcting. Since then we have had a couple of weeks of sleepless nights as she was in pain and in need of extra cuddles.


Just as things began to settle down, Lil Man decided he wasn’t receiving enough attention and picked up a ‘naughty’ cough and cold. Oh but he had an extra little surprise in store; shit. Lots of it. And a bit of a roll around in it for good measure.


I am writing this post at 3am, not being able to sleep after having showered his arse and bedding of bum gravy. Yes it was gravy-like except he had sweetcorn for dinner too.

If that hasn’t put you off eating for a while, just imagine the state of the sheets. On the plus side he did stop coughing.

What illnesses are your kids collecting right now? Do they have particular favourites they stick to or a nice eclectic collection?

Life Love and Dirty Dishes


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