Upstairs, Downstairs, In My Toddler’s Chamber

I’m currently talking to my 33 month old over the baby monitor, telling him to be quiet and go to sleep for the fifteenth time. He goes to bed at 7pm and lays awake for a good half an hour, sometimes content chatting to himself but usually coming up with ingenius ways for me to go to his room.


The excuse that gets me running is when he says he’s scared or hurt himself. Pelting it up the stairs, tripping over in my slippers, I am usually half relieved and yet half disappointed to find that he either just bitten his own tongue or is scared of a bit of fluff on the carpet.

The weirdest excuse has to be when he says “Mr Star is getting bigger” or “Mr Star is teasing me”. He has a gro-clock (which, by the way, was a great investment as he doesn’t get put of bed until Mr Sunshine pops up) but the images are stationary and no sounds emit from the device. I start to worry maybe he had one too many sugary marshmallows that day and is giving him some sort of psychedelic trip.

The Lil Princess normally crashes out straight away but you can bet that you will need to make a trip upstairs at some point. Normally all I end up doing is popping her dummy back in or rescuing her from the bars of her cot like she is some desperate prisoner.

She loves a cuddle, especially from Mummy

But sometimes they are genuinely upset and I do have to stroke his hair or give her a long cuddle. As much as I don’t like to see them upset and as exhausting as it might be running up and down the stairs all night, it can be lovely when all she wants is to nuzzle into me and he wants a cuddle and to say “I love you mummy”.

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  1. Sound exactly like my two! My eldest is also 33 months, and can often be heard chatting & singing on the monitor. Though, in fairness, she doesn’t often try to get us to go up. She just entertains herself. She likes it when we talk back into the monitor, though. I tend to reserve that for nap time – I’m not daft enough to cause excitement at actual bedtime! #fridayfrolics

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  2. I’ve got this with Archie atm! When did you start to use the Gro clock? A has started to get up early but I wasn’t sure he’d understand the concept yet? #fartglitter

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    • Well normally it works a treat but I think since the clocks went forward it has screwed up his pattern. He now still have ups about 5am! So Ive had to introduce a reward chart for if he stays in bed. After about 4 days it has started to work.


  3. It took me way to long to do the math and work out how old 33 months is 😀
    Sounds like your lad is a clever one. Our tot sings to himself. Sometimes for 30 minutes. Then its like someone switched him off.


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    • Haha I dont always say his age in months but he isnt quite 3 so just puts his development into perspective I spose. I have found the clocks going forward can really balls things up. Hope you have coped better with daylight saving. Thanks for hosting #fartglitter (love that title lol)


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