Christmas Shopping; A Success Story

Christmas shopping at the best of times can be stressful, but throw in a double buggy, freshly potty trained toddler and a hungry 7 month old into the mix and you’re in for a meltdown. Which is exactly what I did by the accessories section in New Look.

This was the first shop that I had stepped into. But having dragged both kiddies out of the car (both seem to be getting heavier by the day) and into the ‘train buggy’ as we affectionately call it, then squeezing into the lift, I was already exhausted.

Weaving my way through the inconsiderately narrow aisles, I accidentally catch a woman’s foot. I apologised profusely, knowing how annoying it is when you’re on the receiving end, only to get a dirty look back.

Now, its probably my hormones playing havoc but the effort it was taking me to get to the shops in the first place played on my mind and this bitch just sent me toppling over the edge. So what do I do? Go and stand by the handbag display and well up. Pathetic.

After composing myself, I had a rather successful trip only to end my excursion with an unnecessarily long time in Boots. Some bollocks about using a coupon which made me miss out on £10 worth of points (which I got in the end) but the whole time I’m conscious of the fact that Lil Man hadn’t been for a wee in a while.

Reluctant to use the overcrowded public toilet, I thought I was being clever by putting a potty in the car before leaving home.


Only to then realise I can’t remember where I parked the car.

I went up and down in the tiny lift only to give up and plonk him on the potty in the middle of the car park anyway (I found I had the potty in the undercarriage after all that). But bless his little cotton socks, he wasn’t fazed at all.

I really do need to be more positive so on reflection I can proudly say, there were no accidents or children lost, I managed to get several gifts in less than 2 hours and most importantly, I got my Boots points.

Baby grabs everything when out shopping
Baby grabs everything when out shopping

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