Why Do I Bother…cleaning?

Its not even 9am and so far I’ve had to strip two beds because of night time leakage (one of which being more soiling than leaking), wipe two noses at least 15 times, wipe up sick and wash one pair of pants. But who said being a parent was easy, right?

On the up side, the sun is beaming through the windows and its a beautiful Autumnal morning. There is just enough sun getting through my smeary panes to highlight the attempt at cleaning off the tiny finger, hand and face prints. The problem is we won’t be going anywhere to enjoy the unseasonable sunshine, as Lil Man is potty training.

So far be has succeeded in several wees on the potty whilst being nude from the waist down. I was over the moon that he had taken to the idea so well.


Next stage is getting used to wearing pants, but I haven’t quite bought enough and trying to wash them (along with the bed sheets) quick enough is proving challenging. Its like running a lauderette, except all your customers have brought soiled sheets and pants!

But what’s most challenging is preventing him from playing with his willy every 5 minutes. I realise this will be a life long battle since discovering his little friend.

The most frustrating part is the sheer amount of cleaning and washing I’m doing. Tuesdays Lil Man goes to nursery for the morning and Nanny’s in the afternoon, giving me a full day to get food shopping, cleaning and a bit of girlie time for me and the princess.

Hours of scrubbing, wiping, and mopping left me feeling knackered but satisfied. As I plonked down onto the sofa at 7.30pm after putting the kids to bed, I could look around my pristine lounge and feel like I’d acomplished a lot in one day. The idea was to do it in one day so that the rest of the week is spent just generally tidying and playing more with the kids.

Things never go quite to plan…

Life Love and Dirty Dishes

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