The Mum Uniform

Opening my wardrobe, I sift through a leopard print shirt, a burnt orange dress and a red tartan jumper. None of which I feel are fitting to wear around the house, especially when I am bound to get one bodily fluid or another down it at some point in the day.
So I pull out the same old t-shirt and jeans I wear regularly. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, only this time I noticed my gut protruding out from under the bobbly, faded navy t-shirt.

Its really time I did something about this…

Not just the gut but the lack of identity and non-descript Mum Uniform I seem to have adopted.

But what?

Diet and exercise is the obvious place to start but the clothing? I really do feel so out of touch with the world that is Fashion.

On holiday in my nicer mum uniform
On holiday in my nicer mum uniform

My favourite clothes stores have gradually become Tesco and Peacocks and I’m known to have a wander around Marks’ every so often. I like high waisted stretchy jeans or trousers and plain stretchy t-shirts because they “go with everything”. My favourite shoes are foot glove pumps and memory foam trainers because they help with my achy knee.

Seriously? I’m 31 not 65! Who have I become?

Recently I went out for a drink with my sister. We agreed I would get ready at hers so I could have a drink while I tried on outfits.

Before I left I rammed all 4 of my classic going-out outfits into my massive mum bag and turned up at her doorstep in a polo shirt and jeans with my lovely pumps. Only to be greeted by my sister in a full length black boobie dress that clung to her tiny waist and her hair fashionably coiffed (for fuck sake I’m using the word coiffed).

By the time we went out I looked alright; reliable little black number on and a ton of makeup slapped on and half a bottle of cava down my neck for a bit of oomph.

Reliable little black number and some lashes make all the difference
Reliable little black number and some lashes make all the difference

But day to day I can’t help falling into the trap of practical and reliable and seeing some fashionable selfies all over facebook and instagram really makes me green, not just with envy but like the Incredible Hulk. I can feel my shirt bursting off just writing about it, but this could be those dohnuts I ate earlier.

I’m trying not to be so hard on myself but I really do need a shopping trip.


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  1. Oh I know exactly what you mean my mum wardrobe day to day consists of jeans, baggy t-shirts and a cardi flung on. I went out a few weeks ago for drinks with friends and managed to find an outfit that was ok (after trying on a million others). Us mums make it hard for ourselves don’t we, we seem to sort the kids out and forget about ourselves! 🙂

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