Am I Getting Old?

Before we had kids, my husband and I used to throw some great parties. And although he have had a few great family friendly events, like the Naming Day recently, they aren’t the all-nighters we used to pull prior to having dependants.

We loved a boozy Halloween. We would decorate the whole house, get really gored-up and have tons of people in our modest 2 bed semi.

The kitchen
The lounge
The lounge






One year we even had a live band in the back garden, amped up and everything. We were not popular in our neighbourhood that night.

The band
The band


But before you judge, we did have the courtesy to send out leaflets to all our neighbours to let them know about a week in advance, inviting to join us if they wished and explained that all the loud noise would be done by 10pm.

Despite this, we had a complaint on the night. From a dad of two young children. I answered the door with my scary clown face and stinking of beer, trying my hardest to be polite and reasonable to avoid the police being called.

I’m the one on the right. Trying to be empathetic with this face didn’t go down too well.

At the time, we were annoyed but agreed to stop anyway. Now, I wouldn’t dream of doing something like having a band in my garden again.

What reminded me of this event is, I’m currently sat listening to my neighbours have a garden party and I have just been trying to put my two young children to bed.

Its not at all late and its really not that loud, but I don’t know what annoys me more; that they didn’t give the same courtesy call as we did, that its not me having the party or the fact that they were singing a really crap song (Shuddup ya face)!

It looks like the tables have turned and its karma coming to bite me on the arse. I should just stop grumbling and let them enjoy themselves. Especially if my two cherubs are sound asleep.

But I can’t help thinking; I’m the old one now.



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  1. Very interesting post! Thank you for sharing! I understand where you are coming from. I feel like that myself about many things. Thank you for linking up with #Alittlebitofeverything! Have a great weekend!

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