Why Do I Bother….going to the park

After a morning of Lil Princess crying most of the morning and Lil Man whining and moaning, I’d had enough.

‘We’re going out!’

Leaving the House

I declared, hoping to literally just walk out the door. Of course, this never happens with two young children. One has just done a poo, the other needs to put some trousers and shoes on. Its fine, we will go out within the next 10 minutes – I tell myself.

20 minutes later, we are not much closer to leaving the house. Lil Man is feeling particularly uncooperative with everything from putting on his shoes to brushing his teeth. And now I need to make up a bottle to take with us.

Eventually, we get out. I decided to take them to a park a bit further afield as its one with a duck pond. I thought it would be nice for Lil Man to ride his trike while I carried Baby in the Baby Bjorn. And it was. At first.

The day started off so well
The day started off so well

After a little stroll and a few goes on the slide and swings, Baby starts crying for her bottle. So we find a shady area under the trees to feed whilst Lil Man runs around in the fields. To begin with, he is playing behind me, so immediately I ask him to move into my line of vision.

Feeding Time

He did as he was told but then ran as far away from me as possible. To be fair, it was still within my gaze. But now, he is completely the other side of the field. I tell myself to relax, he can’t go anywhere and its all other mums here. Despite this, I have to call him back, only this time he doesn’t come back.

He runs further…. And further. And behind a bush (out of sight). Now I panic!

I’ve got Baby feeding from her bottle, on my lap whilst sat on the grass. I gather up everything and with Baby in one arm, pushing the trike with the other and Baby Bjorn dragging on the floor behind me and run. (Well march).

Running After the Little Scamp

Stomping across the field, shouting in my best teacher voice I follow the little scamp across the field whilst he runs further away. Baby is spewing up milk on me from all the marching and I am sweating my tits off.

When I eventually catch up with him, I am so furious that I grab him by the arm and literally drag him back across the field. I could feel those other mums eyes burning on me as I did it. And to be honest, I would have scowled too.

I immediately felt guilty and we all sat on the floor and cried. Talk about dramatic. Last night, in bed, I tortured myself over losing it. I played it over and over in my mind and even imagined what Super Nanny would have said. Sorry Jo, I know it was the worst reaction possible.

So in answer to my own question – why do I bother? Sometimes, I really don’t know why, but really days like these don’t occur too often and we did have some fun before the storm hit.


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  1. Oh dear. Don’t beat yourself up about it – you were worried about him and stressed. These things happen. To be honest, I probably would have scowled too – but then I would have felt guilty about it later and realised I should have offered you a helping hand, rather than a dirty look. I’m trying to get better about that. At least you had a good start to the day. πŸ™‚ #effitfriday

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  2. Please don’t feel guilty, it happens to the best of us. I expect some of those stares were from people wanting to help but weren’t brave enough. The daily battle of getting out the house, we have to laugh or we would cry!!
    Becky x


  3. I feel your pain. If those darn kids came with an instruction manual (and Valium), parenting would be much easier. But they don’t so we all screw up sometimes and we all lose our patience sometimes. I’m sure many of the mothers there felt your pain as well. We’ve all been there!! I saw a woman screaming at her son at the pool yesterday. I didn’t judge. I just quietly thought, “Thank goodness that’s not me………today.” πŸ™‚ #effitFriday

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  4. You mean that’s not the normal reaction a mother should have? Who cares what Nanny Jo says I say! I sometimes have to put the fear of my wrath into my children so they no not to do that again. The same thing happens to me when taking my 3 anywhere. I completely understand now why my mother put me on a leash when I was a toddler. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink.

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  5. The park lulls you into a false sense of security. it seems like a good idea and then later it appears not be when someone has a wild wee under the slide and the other one runs at speed at the duck pond. You went with 2 children, you brought 2 children home with you. Consider this a success. #fridayfrolics

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  6. Two kids at a park can be a nightmare. It does get easier as the kids get older. Why do you do it? I’ll tell you why I do it; if I didn’t get the kids out the house they’d trasjh it! #effitfriday

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  7. I couldn’t find my daughter in Toys’r’us last week – she was hiding in a goddamn cubby house. When I found her I completely lost it with her, she was crying, I was crying, the little one was crying… it was a nightmare! I think when you’re scared you’re more likely to not have a controlled and considered response. Perfectly natural, we all do it! But it feels like sh*t 😦

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    • I was certainly scared but I was also so angry because he ran off. Plus having baby in my arms I couldn’t bend down and pick him up in a civilized manner. Oh well, I know not what to do now lol. Thanks for reading


  8. Oh honey if you think that’s losing it, you need to meet me! And what is WITH the mums burning eyes into you?! People without kids who don’t have a clue what it’s like? Yeah. No surprises. But other mums?! Geez. You poor thing. I remember those days and you’re doing fine sister! (Saw this in my twitter feed to help you know how I got to this post.) x

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