A Mother’s Work is Never Done

As a child, especially as a teenager, I would never understand why my mum would always be on at me about putting my shoes away or making my bed.

Now, I have become her.

My mummy and me when I was about 6
My mummy and me when I was about 6

I hear myself echoing her words and it amuses me. These days I am repeating them to my husband, much to his dislike. But I now understand why she wanted us to pick up after ourselves. Why the hell should she have done it for us?

Its days like today that make me think how I took my own mum for granted and how being a stay at home mum is the unfairest job there is.

1. No or little pay

2. No holidays (maybe the odd day here and there)

3. Really long hours without breaks

4. Definitely no sick days

Its this last one that I find the hardest. I wasn’t ill today but everyone else was (or at least teething).

Firstly, I got awoken at 5.45am. I’m up for the day then, because whoever woke me up first, the other child will soon follow (if not them, then the cat)!

All morning Lil Man is over-sensitive and won’t eat properly. Baby isn’t much better. And you can guarantee they won’t nap at the same time. They did, thank God, today for a short while so I did manage to put my feet up for 20 minutes, but this is a rarity.

Every meal time or bottle is a drama and the pair of them have snot or sick constantly streaming.

By 5pm I get a message from the hubbie saying he will be home early, how nice! Wrong, he has come down with a mystery illness and goes straight upstairs to bed.

Bedtime, and both babies are crying at the same time. I eventually get them both down to sleep and then Daddy wants dinner. After which, both babies start crying again (at different times mind you).

Throwing a wobbler
Throwing a wobbler

Both eventually settled again and I can relax. No. Time to wash the multitude of bottles that I’ve been putting off all day.

And now I am sitting at my laptop doing more work. But at least with blogging I can get this off my chest…..and thank my own mum. Because what I failed to mention was that she had popped round in the afternoon for a catch up and ended up bathing Lil Man and help feed Baby.

One of our many outings with Nanny
One of our many outings with Nanny

So a mother’s work, really is never done.

Thanks mummy xx

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