Why It Sucks Being a Woman

The past couple of months I have, like most new mums, been a bit hormonal and an emotional rollcoaster. There is obviously the biological side to this but I was feeling particularly sorry for myself moaning to my husband about why it can be so tough some days.

Fortunately, the men in my life (husband, dad and little boy) are all quite caring and considerate. Usually trying to empathise (although this is hard for a 2 year old) and when they can’t, are just supportive.

However, it doesn’t make it much easier with all the shit that gets flung at you when you are a woman.

1. Hormones

Apart from the obvious monthlys, hormones during pregnancy are just crazy. One minute you’re laughing at how your stupid baby brain meant you put your knickers on back to front, the next you’re crying because the baby that cooed at you in the street was just too cute.

Nothing makes sense and the smallest trigger can make you so angry you could turn green and burst your shirt off.


2. Dieting

Most women are either constantly on a diet or have been on one recently. It suuuuucks balls big time! If the hormones weren’t enough to get your blood boiling, being constantly hungry while everyone else eats McDonald’s will bring on the rage.

3. Stretch marks and cellulite

Even when you do eventually lose the weight, it doesn’t guarantee your legs will be orange peel free. And to go with that fetching look you now have varicose veins and stretch marks to accessorize. Winning!

4. Clothes

Now you may be wondering why I would list this as a negative, think about it; a bloke wakes up and the toughest decision they have is whether to go for shorts or trousers. Other than that its normally jeans and t-shirt or trousers and shirt.

Women have too many variables and when it comes to dressing for the work place it is an absolute mine field. Trousers, skirt, shorts or dress? Then what do you wear on top? Will your underwear show through? Are your shoes the right height? Do you go for a matching bag or clashing colours?


Or shall I just put on a bloody sack and be done with it? Even then I will probably manage to tuck it into my knickers after going to the toilet.

5. Higher risks

You will find that the majority of serious illnesses or conditions effect women more or we at least have a higher risk of contracting them.

Even the not so serious but bloody annoying or painful conditions effect us more; water infections, cystitis and thrush are the big three.

But hey, we outlive the blokes girls so we can endure all of these perks for even longer πŸ˜‰

To end on a positive, despite all the crap we have to endure, whether or not we are pregnant, men will never experience all the little wriggles, kicks and hiccups inside that give you the strongest bond with your baby or child, ever.

So I’ll shut up now.


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  1. I hear you about the days when it seems like coming back as a dog who has the ability to lick their own balls in the sun seems like a good option. Maybe the silver lining is that menopause is coming and we can all wear white pants again and we won’t nee to worry about getting pregnant ever again! Mel xx #twinklytuesday

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  2. Love this! It really does suck sometimes. On a serious note, I went to a hospital appointment with my nan earlier today, and the doctor told us that she is automatically at higher risk of having a stroke just because she is a woman! #twinklytuesday

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  3. Visiting from Twinkly Tuesday

    Kids are worth everything. I’ve lost nothing by having a baby. We are just as beautiful if not more than we were before. Although when I have a toddler who loves to steal tampons, I could go without the periods for a bit…

    liz @ sundays with sophie


  4. Ha ha! Love this. I can relate to it all. But yes, it’s all worth it to be able to feel life growing g inside you. I actually feel sorry for men that they don’t get to experience that. They really don’t know what they’re missing.


  5. Haha, loved this post all so true!! I dread choosing an outfit for the day, so much to think about argg! It is true that we get all the special kicks and to carry our babies, but we also have to get stitched up after, not cool!!
    Becky xx

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  6. I put my knickers on the wrong way the other day and I’m not pregnant or baby brained haha!! These things do all suck but you are so right about those amazing feelings we get when pregnant. Also there’s a couple of pluses – it’s not thought of us weird if we spend two hours sitting in the hairdressers and if we feel that we look like absolute crap, we can hide it with make up! Yay! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  7. I love being a woman, but I love it in part because it’s hard and fighting for women’s rights gives me somewhere to put my passions. As far as the medical front, I think women are at a disadvantage at least in part because medical research has focused on men. Think about how recently we’ve begun to understand the symptoms of a heart attack in women, where men’s symptoms were assumed to be the norm for decades. People still laugh at the idea of female sexual dysfunction deserving treatment even as male erectile medications have become the norm.

    And yes, every little bit of it is worth it to have been able to get to know my babies in utero and have been able to breastfeed them!!

    There from #bigfatlinky.

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  8. Add to list: constant fear of getting preggerz after being pregnant! That’s my biggest fear anyways haha. Sometimes life sucks….and then you cuddle your kids and you realize…ahhhh it’s not so bad πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking with #wineandboobs

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  9. Your Clothes section seriously effects my husband more than me these days. My uniform is leggings, top and hair on top of head. Dannys is moaning about shirts, blowdrying and styling his hair then heading out to work… For Realsies.

    It has got to the point now where he says ooo you look nice if I put a bit of make up on. Poor man. Sorry – not sorry.

    Great post – it’s tough being us, but then its also bloody awesome cause we have our babies.

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  10. I already love the post because of that expression but you know that already. Yep, those hormones and dieting – they go together hand in hand, like partners in crime. But you’re right, when I felt the baby kicks, I felt so privileged to be carrying my babies. Thanks for sharing with #PasstheSauce

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