Is Your Sibling Your True Best Friend?

There are almost exactly 4 years separating my sister and I, but I can’t remember what life was like without her. In both senses; literally and emotively.

My earliest memory, which I can’t honestly say whether it is a true memory or just a home video clip, is my sister being only a couple of months old, laying on my bed with me for a nap. What I do definitely remember is holding her little hand whilst I sucked my thumb, we both laid there just chilling out. I loved it. She was my own little dolly that lived and breathed.

Weren't we the cutest?
Weren’t we the cutest?

As we grew up we were always close. Don’t get me wrong we had our bickers (and still do) usually started by me imitating her in a stupid voice until she snapped. Even at 31, that juvenile arsing about still makes me laugh. And we have always had a good laugh together.

The only time when I didn’t want to spend so much time with my sis, was when I was probably about 13 or 14 because she would have been around 9 or 10. Not cool to hang around with someone that young but sometimes I was forced to let her tag along going to the park (where all the boys were – sooo not cool).

As adults, we probably get on even better. Same sense of humour, similar tastes in music, TV and films. Fortunately, not the same taste in men though. We holiday together, go drinking together and have slobbing, lazy nights in together. I even had her as a birth partner! Apart from my husband, she is the one constant friend I have in my life.

Out on the tiles together
Out on the tiles together

But its watching my two children today that made me reflect on what its like to have a sibling. My son, who is 2, was pointing to the shapes on the baby activity centre and teaching his baby sister what they were. Baby looked up at him smiling the whole time and attempted the grab the shapes. It was so touching.


It made me hope that my children have the same strong bond that my sister and I had, and still have to this day.

Do you have a sibling? Are they your true best friend?

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  1. I love this post. My little sister and I are only 18 months apart and were so incredibly close growing up. I always had someone to play with. I look at my two nieces and they are just like we were! So sweet to each other and taking care of each other (when they aren’t arguing over a toy.) My two children are a decade apart and I always wished each of them had someone closer to grow up with. I’m so grateful for my stepson who is two years older than my son. They are adorable together and love being around each other. They seriously miss the other when the aren’t together. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post! #happyquacks

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  2. My sister is my best friend too. Now that we are grown up! When we were kids… not so much!!! Loved the read. #happyquacks

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  3. I have a half sister and brother but no full blood siblings. There is a huge age difference between my siblings and I which has sadly left us not being very close. I think that’s why I had all 3 of mine so close together. I envy your relationship with your sister…I have no female that I am that close to. Thanks for sharing with me for #momsterslink šŸ˜€


  4. My brother and I are only 1 year apart and we fought all the time growing up!! Also I was such a tomboy and always preferred to hang out with his friends, who were also my friends. Don’t think he liked that! We don’t live in the same country now and we don’t talk all the time but I know that I can always lean on him, go to him for advice and he treats S as his own. I hope one day S has a sibling because in my opinion, there’s nothing quite like it. Thanks for linking up to #happyquacks x

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  5. When my brother was born I was six. i was most put out by his arrival. I have a vivid memory of sticking a suction cup toy to his head when he was only about six months old :/ but somehow he likes me now… And I wasn’t to know he’d grow into such a dude šŸ™‚ #famjam

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  6. So lovely to hear about a wonderful sibling bond! I’m hoping for something similar for my boys but know it doesn’t always happen. I was an only child so was always a bit jealous of people with siblings. I desperately wanted an older brother for a while but as an adult would love to have a sister! Thanks for posting on #famjamlinky!

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  7. I love this – I can’t wait till my oldest is teaching baby and especially when they are older and get to have that bond like you do with your sister. I never had a sister so it’s a new experience for me to watch as well! Lovely. Hope to see you back next week @ #famjamlinky

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