Ideas for Play In the Garden

This week our imaginative play theme was ‘In the Garden’ which was great, because Lil Man loves being in the garden and would quite happily live in his playhouse, if he could.

Using Baby Sensory as inspiration, I decided we could use our senses as a sort of Bingo game. Basically, we ticked or coloured in a box whenever we saw, heard or smelt something from our list.

The tick list itself can be a fun activity to make for older tots, although as Lil Man is only just 2 years old, I ended up doing this (I got quite into the drawings and colouring in).

Yes that is a tree, don't laugh!
Yes that is a tree, don’t laugh!

Lil Man loved running around the garden looking for things and it was surprising how observant he was. He managed to pick out things that I didn’t even notice, especially when we were listening for sounds, such as; leaves blowing and people chatting in their gardens.

Using our sense of smell too.
Using our sense of smell too.
Mint and Rosemary
Mint and Rosemary

On a different day, I really wanted to get some gardening done, which can prove difficult with small children about. I started by raking up leaves and my way around making it fun was by getting Lil Man to pretend we were farmers. I managed to persuade him to bag up some leaves for me, but when he attempted to ‘tidy up’ by sweeping them, he simply destroyed my already very neat pile. Grrr! Oh well, we had a giggle putting on our best stereotypical Farmers’ voices.




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  1. What a lovely idea, and how creative. I love using the garden to entertain and get my twins learning too! They love digging, finding things and learning about the creatures! Lovely post 🙂 Jess x


  2. I try and do gardening with the kiddos sometimes and we just end up playing in mud. I do try and get it all to be a little more educational than just grime jajaja. Today we realized that we have created a miniecosystem where the AC drips constantly. The plants there won´t stop growing, there are two mushrooms and today we counted 13 frogs under the big rock.


  3. This is a great idea.

    I’m so behind on the imaginative piece with Miss S. She’s only really just started talking, so it’s been hard to do with little to no feedback.

    I really must get myself organised and get it done.

    Thanks for linking up with #wineandboobs

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  4. This is such a fab idea, Zach too loves being in the garden and he is a very observant boy so would probably love something like this. I know with my mum he plays I spy but using the colours of the flowers, so I spy with my little eye, something that’s pink…and it’ll be mum’s pink flowers. He’s a little too young for the letters version! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  5. that is a lovely sensory exercise for tots, actually we do one very similar here for activity hour but we fold the paper over the herbs and jump on them to make the paper smell of herbs. I love the little tick boxes and drawings, a great scavenger hunt and I had to laugh at the leaf clearing. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

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  6. What a fabulous idea, and i love it when they surprise you and go more into an activity! my almost 2 yr old daughter is really into flowers so I might do a flower colour spotting one! thanks for sharing and giving me some inspiration 🙂 #WhateverTheWeather

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  7. What great ideas. I love the idea of bingo. Imagination really does matter in the garden. It looks like you had a lot of fun finding things to do with all of the things you can find around you.Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather x

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  8. Great theme! I love that you used all the senses, nice to get kids involved in listening, although my 2 year old is way better than my 4 year old at hearing all the sounds around him. Got to laugh at their tidying up skills, my 2 year old is like that too, helps tidy up and then makes a mess of what I’ve done or just empties the bag out so he can do it again! Argh! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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