5 Ways to Exercise with your Toddler/Baby

Not long after I had my first child, I was trying to think up ways to lose the weight. Dieting of course usually has good results but I needed to boost my energy too and as I was stuck holding the baby, it wasn’t always as simple as going to the gym. Also, being on maternity leave meant that I didn’t have the budget for pricey memberships and joining fees.

Now I am on maternity leave with my second and despite having a home gym set up, I still have to wait until they are both in bed before I can use it. So I came up with some fun exercises that I could do during the day and entertain the sprogs at the same time.

1. Dancing

My Lil Man is two, full of beans and doesn’t want to nap. So I started doing this to wear him out but then I really got into it and enjoyed it myself. As there is only us, I can be as silly, uncoordinated or take my as seriously as I want to without anyone judging. I sometimes get him to copy me and Baby sits in her bouncer and just enjoys the show.

2. Acrobats

This is like doing floor exercises and weight training. I lay on my back and (depending on how heavy I want to lift) pick up Baby or the Toddler and ‘fly’ them back over my head. This is great for ‘Bingo Wings’. You can also, bring your knees up and balance them on your shins. Move your legs up and down (and keep hold of them or there will be tears) which is great for legs, bums and tums.

Daddy having a go at acrobats.
Daddy having a go at acrobats.

3. Peek-a-boo

Turn this into a press-up! Instead of hiding your face and saying peek-a-boo, just bring your face closer and further away – basically just do a press up over the baby. If you pull faces or make noises baby will love it and I’m sure most toddlers would too.

Baby loves a game of Peek-a-boo
Baby loves a game of Peek-a-boo

4. Hula hoop

Years ago I went to a class and bought a weighted hoop, which means its easier to keep up and exercise with. Lately, I have been hooping in the garden and then we roll it along the floor or do jumps through it and put it on the floor and jump in and out of it. Lil Man loves this game.

I got him running through hoops!
I got him running through hoops!

5. Yoga

This one happened more by accident, as Lil Man just popped his head on the floor and stuck his bum up in the air. Then I thought it would be a good idea to try out some other poses with him. We made a snail by going into child position (lay face down but with your knees tucked under you) and put one arm up in front for the antennae and curl one up on your back for the shell. You can make up all sorts of poses. I found this was particularly good for calming him down for an N A P after we had been running around a lot.

WP_20150623_007 InstagramCapture_559d0732-042b-4b20-9980-e9cff380359e

I am no fitness instructor and far from being any sort of lifestyle guru but these are just some fun things to do on a rainy day and you’re feeling a bit blobby.

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  1. I’m sure if anyone were a fly on the wall they would be wetting themselves šŸ˜ƒ Fortunately we are detached and not overlooked so don’t have to worry about neighbours catching a glimpse of my downward facing dog with my arse in the air.


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