Why I’m Not a Morning Person

I think we were spoilt with our first-born; he slept right through from the age of about 8 weeks old and since the age of about 4 months he has slept for 12 hours straight. There were a few hiccups and periods where he would be waking a lot of not going off to sleep properly but they never lasted more than a few weeks.

Baby no.1 always slept well
Baby no.1 always slept well

My Lil Princess is almost 4 months old now but she still insist on waking up at 5am every morning. Everybody tells me how good it is that she sleeps as long as she does, and I know they’re right. But all I want is one extra hour. I’ve tried putting her to bed later, dream feeding at 10pm and playing soothing sounds in her room. And this morning was no exception; 5am on the dot and for extra fun she was fussing with the bottle for about 10 minutes before she finally started to drink properly. Then, as I was winding her, she pukes up about half an ounce all down my arm despite me having a muslin cloth at the ready. I’m doing all this with my eyes closed too, so that I can hopefully slip back into my coma as soon as my head hits the pillow, again.

Lil Princess wide awake
Lil Princess wide awake

I should be grateful that I can go back to sleep at all, however, it doesn’t make up for the fact that Lil Man wakes up just over an hour later, meaning, by the time I have finished feeding, winding and changing Baby probably have 45 mins at the most to catch up on sleep. I know that you’re probably thinking ‘What’s she moaning about’ , but most mornings I lay there wide awake for about 20 minutes before I drift off to the land of nod again. So that leaves me about 20 minutes sleep, enough time to go into a really deep sleep before I get awoken by the hollers across the landing ‘Muuuuummmmmmyyyyy’.

The daft thing is I’m moaning but as I write this the pair of them have dropped off for a nap at the same time! So I’m going to shut up now and put my head down for 10 minutes.

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  1. Your are not the only one! I felt the same when my kids were babies as well. Just one more hour!!! I have never been a morning person, and I never will be.


  2. Same thing happening to me!! 4 m/o sleeping till 5am then we usually fall back sleep till 730 when toddler gets up. Hoping for that extra hour for both of us! #effitfriday


  3. Haha I’m afraid as you wrote “I know that you’re probably thinking ‘What’s she moaning about’” that’s exactly what I was thinking – I was still up every 45mins – 2 hrs at 4 months with both mine and at 9 months am still up at 5am… aaaah…. Babies are sent to break us! Thanks for linking #chucklemums

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    • Oh that sucks big time. Since writing that post (I wrote it about 9 mths ago) my eldest had just been going through til 7am and the the last couple of week regressed to waking 5 times a night a whinging in the hope we would let him in bed with us. Even when you do have good sleepers….it never lasts. Thanks for reading


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