Healthy Kebabs

My husband loves junk food and I find it difficult to cook meals that are healthy where he isn’t pushing it around the plate and pretending to like it. But he recently reminded me of these healthy ‘kebabs’ that we used to make and how much he liked them. So I thought I would share this one for all the junk addicts out there or for those who just fancy something tasty.

It really is so simple. Just a few ingredients and about 20 minutes to make.

Just a few simple ingredients
Just a few simple ingredients

To make 4 kebabs, you will need;

2 chicken breasts (about 300g)

1 red onion

Red cabbage

1 orange pepper

Iceberg lettuce

4 wholemeal pitta breads


Cocnut butter or sunflower oil

Jalapeños (if you want some added spice)

First, cut the chicken and peppers into strips, then cook either by shallow frying in coconut butter or sunflower oil. Or if you have a grilling machine, you could use that. Dry cook in a griddle pan if you want it slightly charred finish for a barbeque taste.

Coconut butter is super healthy
Coconut butter is super healthy

Then, whilst your chicken and peppers are cooking, sliced your red cabbage and cut your red onion into rings or strips. Mix together in a bowl and add (however much depending on taste) mayonnaise to make a quick and simple coleslaw.

Simple slaw
Simple slaw

Slice the iceberg lettuce into strips so it can fit easily into your pitta. Toast the pitta and slice in half, then start loading up with all your ingredients.


I always add either jalapeños or pickles/gherkins to add some tang. You can keep it healthy and serve with corn or sweet potato wedges. Or treat yourself and add some fries on the side.



Easy peasy, healthy kebabs!
Easy peasy, healthy kebabs!



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  1. I love stuff like this, I could eat chicken and salad/coleslaw every night (salmon tonight though), my husband loves this kind of thing too, I have to add LOADS of spice on his though 🙂 I use a small squirt of mayo and a dollop of greek yoghurt too, even healthier 😀



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