Chips Make Everything Better

Today the weather was glorious and I needed to purchase a few pressies for Fathers’ Day, so I thought; what a better way to kill two birds than shopping by the seafront? That way I could take Lil Man for a paddle and play on the beach after my retail ‘therapy’.

I managed to get us all up, dressed and fed and out the door by 9.15am. Perfect, I could miss the rush hour traffic and the shops would be nice and quiet. I even knew exactly where to park to ensure I was near, both the seafront and the high street. I had plenty of change for the car park too.

Retail ‘Therapy’

It started off so pleasantly, both kids were happy and I knew what I had in mind for presents. We headed towards Burton and Dorothy Perkins (a clothing chain store) and I got halfway and realised I had parked as far away as possible from this shop. Never mind, a bit of exercise won’t hurt, I thought. But as I get into the store I realise that the menswear is upstairs, which wouldn’t normally be an issue except there are no escalators, travelators or elevators. So I mutter to myself, something like ‘poxy bloody shop, no bloody wheelchair access. Disgraceful!’ just loud enough for the cashier to hear and storm off.

Then I head to HMV in a desperate attempt to buy a blu-ray but have no clue what one to get and being to have a meltdown in the shop. Breathe. Its not the end of the world, I tell myself before grabbing a movie off the shelf. The whole time this has been going on, Lil Man decides to ‘drop’ his toy horse on the floor about 15 times.

I then head to a toy shop to buy a present for a friend’s little boy. Lil man is desperate to get out of the pushchair, so I let him have a wander around the shop while I decide what to get. I heard someone calling me and thought he had done a runner out of the shop, but it turns out to be a friend with her son who is the same age.

A Familiar Face

Lovely, it was nice to see a familiar face and we decide to grab a coffee next. It began pleasantly but then Baby needed feeding, my little boy was wandering all over the place and her little boy was getting upset as he was due a nap. So we downed our coffees and headed to the seafront. She had to move her car so we would meet her down there.

Lil Man still had fun
Lil Man still had fun

Once we arrived at the water fountain by the beach, Lil Man decides to run off about 4 times; once heading to some sort of basement where the plumbing for the fountain was, then nearly into the road. I naturally ran after him but I’m on my own at this point, so I end up leaving Baby behind. Running between the too every few minutes was exhausting. When my friend makes it down to the seafront, I realise that my car park ticket was due to run out so I had to feed the meter, only I had used all of my change up. The only cash point was in the arcades over the road.

Its All About the Money

We went to draw some money out, the machine charged £1.99 to get my own money out. Bloody liberty! But I had no choice if we wanted to stay. So I swallowed my pride and withdrew the cash, got some change and ran to the car park, leaving all the kids with my poor mate.

When I arrived at the car I was greet with a parking ticket! Arrrr! I could have punched somebody. But I don’t. I cried. Yes ridiculous I know but I just couldn’t be bothered to stay positive this time.

Running back to my friend, I miss the turning and have to run all the way back up another road. And when I finally get back to them, the kids are fine. All behaving themselves but I just blubbed to my friend about the ticket and she says the magic words to make it all alright: ‘let’s get some chips’.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

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  1. *hugs* Those days are the worst! Can’t believe they charge you so much to withdraw. And there should be a ‘mother at the end of her tether’ clause to get you out of paying tickets. I definitely agree that chips makes things better. Mmmm…chips…


  2. I hate days like this! On the one hand, I can’t stand being indoors all day. On the other hand, venturing out is sometimes so stressful, I wish I hadn’t bothered!

    Liked by 1 person

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