Two – A Logistical Nightmare

Since Lil Man was diagnosed with CMA (Cow’s Milk Allergy) and later discovered he is also allergic to soya, food is always difficult. Its hard to keep everyone in the family happy, when it comes to dinner. I’m normally trying to lose weight, the hubbie always wants junk and our son can’t eat half of what either of us want. Besides these difficulties, there is the added inconvenience of regularly seeing a paediatrician and a dietician. Don’t get me wrong, these professionals are extremely helpful except for the fact that they are both based at different hospitals, nowhere near each other. And that’s without including a third hospital for Lil Man’s heart appointments and yet another hospital for Baby’s heart appointments. That’s four in all. So when trying to keep to their appointments and check-ups its easy to see why I get stressed out.

Feeding Times

Today was no exception. It was Lil Man’s dietician appointment, which fortunately was the nearest hospital but its never as simple as just grabbing a bag and going. He was due to go to nursery straight after, so this means I needed to take a pack lunch for him to eat (or throw on the floor) in the car.

Feeding time at the zoo
Feeding time at the zoo

It would also work out that Baby would need a feed probably just after the appointment. No problem, I tell myself. Bottle made up and it will be cool enough just in time.

Transport Options

Next I had to consider which mode of transport I should opt for and I’m not talking about public. I’m debating whether I should lug the double buggy, with the risk that I may need to park on the roof of the hospital car park and squeeze into the rickety, rusty lift, or the single pushchair for Lil Man and the Baby Bjorn for her. That seemed sensible, but then I remembered the size of my changing bag these days. Hmmm. Double buggy it is.


At the Hospital

We managed to arrive on time (slightly early in fact) and all happy. For now. Lil Man played with the toys in the waiting room and Baby watched intently. I could breathe a sigh of relief. Except, now she has just done a crap. And it stinks. Really bad! So the next dilemma is, do I take the double buggy, toddler and massive suitcase of a changing bag all into the toilet with me or risk leaving them unattended? I’m wandering up and down the corridor, trying to find the toilet first when I realise there is a pull down baby change by the weighing area. Great, easy access and I can keep an eye on the buggy whilst I change her.

The appointment takes far longer than I anticipated, but have no fear because I packed lunch! Go me! So Lil Man has his lunch in the buggy whilst we head back to the car. I am dying for a wee and so thirsty I could spit feathers but it will have to wait as there is no way I can squeeze us all in the disabled toilet without being late.

When I get back to the car, its the usual scrabbling around in my enormous bag for my car key. I end up emptying most of the contents onto the floor before finding them, but for a minute, did panic (as I also had left my phone at home so God knows what I would have done).

The parking payment machine is suitably placed by the exit of the hospital but being a divvy I left the parking ticket in the car. Its okay, I reassure myself, I’ll load up the car and drive to the machine. Which I did do.

At Nursery

Feeling rather pleased with myself for making it to two places on time in one day, the kids decided things were going too smoothly. Baby starts to wail and Lil Man falls asleep (he has a habit of doing this just as we pull up for nursery). But wait, ah-ha I have a bottle already made up, I can feed Baby while he has a power nap and we will only be about 10 minutes late.

'Me? Fart? No!'
‘Me? Fart? No!’

Eventually, I grab Lil Man, covered in lunch and catching flies with his mouth and heave him to nursery still asleep. He wakes up and cries. Great. But I can’t take long because I have left the other baby in the car. So I give him loads of kisses and say goodbye, leaving him behind all red faced and bleary eyed.

As I get back into the car, I hear a rather manly fart coming from the car seat. I can’t believe that came out of my Lil Princess and the car fills with the smell of poo. Oh, she can wait!

Finally, I make it home and I can have that wee that I’ve been crossing my legs for all morning. Phew!

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  1. You know you’re a mum when having a wee is like a treat 🙂 Sounds like you had all bases covered that day – apart from having a catheter fitted. I hope you enjoyed your wee 🙂
    Alice x


  2. Wow what a morning! It’s funny how weeing just falls down the list of priorities. Remember the good old days before children when we could wee whenever.. well within reason of course 😉


  3. I think this may be one of the upsides of twins. At least they want the same meals at the same time. Although, interestingly, my identical twin daughters have different allergies. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!

    Oh, as far as needing to wee… a mother once asked me how to go to the bathroom when flying alone with twinfants. I told her the truth. I just don’t go to the bathroom!

    Liked by 1 person

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