Summertime fun activities

I love the summer, even more these days with an energetic toddler, being in the garden allows him to burn off some energy while I can soak up some vitamin D. There are so many things you can do in the garden and make use of the space and environment around you.


Bubbles, for example, are ideal outdoors. Not only because it doesn’t matter about the stuff dripping everywhere but because the wind makes them float about all over the place. Touchable bubbles are even better in the garden, you can find them sitting in little hiding places all over.

Great for baby sensory
Great for baby sensory
Touchable bubbles
Touchable bubbles







Make use of the elements, windmills and wind-chimes make a lovely sensory garden for babies and toddler alike. The grass can be a crash mat for a bit of rough and tumble or baby acrobatics.



Growing potatoes

Growing things with your toddler is a great way for them to learn about where food comes from and nature. We are growing strawberries, rosemary, mint, potatoes and sunflowers at the moment. Lil man loves to water them with his little watering can.



Our new favourite thing to do in the garden is bird watching. I bought some cheap toy binoculars and we go spotting for them in the trees. Despite Lil man never looking in the right direction, he thinks its fun that we are ‘explorers’. You can use them to look at the bugs a bit closer too.

Loves being explorer
Loves being explorer

We managed to do a little bit of beach combing before the weather turned and Lil man loved splashing about in the water.

Beach-combing with nanny
Beach-combing with nanny


We brought home our shells and seaweed to make a lovely card for daddy’s Fathers’ Day card (sorry to spoil the surprise daddy) with a summery theme.
WP_20150615_009 (2)
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  1. OOO, we love some bubbles too… We’ve had them out in the garden this week. Thanks for linking up to #Imaginationmatters and I can’t wait to see if you’ve got something for “circus” week next week


  2. This is the first year that we planted a garden and my 5 year old is loving the fact that he is in charge of watering it twice a day. The herb garden is doing wonderful and we use herbs from it daily. I am visiting today from #imaginationmatters.


  3. We are growing strawberries and the girls love it! Great list of things here. Thank you for sharing in #KidsCorner x


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