Creative Play Ideas – Sea theme

So the challenge for the first Imagination Matters linky was ‘At Sea’. I racked my brains and couldn’t up with anything very original, but something that both baby and toddler enjoyed.

We created a beach in our living room using coloured towels and sea related toys. My eldest enjoyed this immensely as he created a persona for each of the creatures. A way of crowbarring in some numeracy into this was by making him count the legs on the octopus and the man. We also identified colours of each of them and I got him to look at similarities and differences between them.

Our indoor beach.
Our indoor beach.
Baby decided to go for a dip.
Baby decided to go for a dip.

Lil man then wanted baby to get in the water, so she dives in for a swim. Then it was his baby dolly, ‘Baby Jason’s’ turn and he had to dry him off with the towel. Soon after both he and I also went for a refreshing dip in the ‘sea’ and had to dry off with our beach towels. This part of the play he really loved and his baby sister enjoyed watching the roleplay.

'Baby Jason' also had a swim.
‘Baby Jason’ also had a swim.

Taking part in Imagination Matters makes me more proactive in my baby and toddlers fun and learning and I enjoyed my trip to the beach today πŸ˜‰



  1. This is amazing and just the kind of thing that I was hoping to see! I love that your toddler was getting into the role play so much! Thanks for linking up to #Imaginationmatters, I can’t wait to see if you have something “Summer” themed for next week!


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