10 Funny things my toddler has said

Lil man is a chatterbox, to say the least. By 15 months he could already say around 30 words and at the tender age of 25 months he now speaks like a child a year older than himself. I’m boasting of course but what parent wouldn’t?

Cheeky chatterbox
Cheeky chatterbox

There are downsides to his abilities though, for example, the fact that he talks ALL DAY. I am not exaggerating and anyone who knows him will agree. As lovely as it is to have such an eloquent little boy, it can be exhausting (particularly as he won’t stop repeating himself until you acknowledge what he has said or repeat it back to him). Also, how I cannot say ANYTHING in front of him without it coming back to haunt me. I literally only have to say it once and it is sucked up by his little sponge-brain and stored for special occasions. Aside from the obvious swear words he has picked up some funny, slightly offensive words/phrases. So I thought I would record some of his more amusing lines just for you;

  1. ‘I’ve got a willy and Daddy’s got a BIG willy!’
  2. He was stroking our cat who was lazing in the sun; ‘Cookie has teddy bears on his feet’.
  3. When I asked him what he had for dinner at nursery; ‘I had pasta and eyes’.
  4. This one he says in a strong Cockney accent; ‘I’ve got a smelly bum’ole’.

    'Boobies' is a fond word of his.
    ‘Boobies’ is a fond word of his.
  5. Talking to his auntie:

L: ‘Do some work!’ Auntie: ‘What work should I do?’ L: ‘Your hair.’

6. My mum had half decorated her living room. He walks in, looks around with hands raised ‘Oh nanny! What a mess!’

7. At the park, informing his Papa ‘I’m going in the tube to the little slide, mate. Ok mate?’

8. ‘Mummy done a trump’. Usually he’s right but one occasion he accused me and it genuinely was the floorboards. Honest.

9. Getting into his Little Tikes Cozy Coupe (naked); ‘I’m going to work Mummy. I’ll be late’.

10. Laying down in the bath with the bubbles popping; ‘My ears are sparkling’.

These really tickle me, I hope they brought a smile to your face. Do your children have funny sayings or some classic one-liners? I would love to read some of them, please post a comment below.

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  1. Number 5 made me laugh out loud! I did a similar post about my three year old and all the s*** she says! Gotta love them for their honesty! Thanks for sharing xx


  2. This is so cute, G was the same and speaks so well now. L on the other hand is a mute!! Crazy how they can be so different! Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x


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