A Few of My Toddler’s Favourite Things

Its funny how, when you become a mum for the first time, everything seems so daunting. You think its tough having a newborn; doing night feeds, the crying and how one sided the relationship can be. Then when that newborn turns into a toddler, you realise, you had it easy.

You may still have to get up in the middle of the night or struggle for them to go to sleep in the first place. On top of that you now, instead of being blessed with the hours and hours of naps throughout the day, have at least a 12 hours slog of entertaining the most difficult boss you have ever had.

A rarity to have them both asleep at the same time during the day.
A rarity to have them both asleep at the same time during the day.

As I talked about in my piece about Television I try not to let Peppa or Thomas dominate our house too much, so I play as much as I can with him (when I’m not blogging, washing, cleaning, cooking or having a few precious moments of ‘me’ time). A typical day involves the following games;

‘Runned around and around the big table’

Our dining room table has plenty of space around it so he loves running around it but I have to chase him until I get too dizzy or one of us falls over.

Bob the Builder and Postman Pat do coffee

At least with this game I can sit down. He uses little figures that he has but I have to do the voice of one and sometimes both. He doesn’t like it when I confuse the voices either.

Another favourite - train set.

Toot Toot drivers

For those unfamiliar with these toys, they are noisy cars that go around a plastic, brightly coloured road that triggers even more noises. I love building the road, in fact, I get so into it and obsess about getting it all to join up that he often loses interest before I do. But he does love pushing the cars around and turning them all on at the same time. Having 7 talking cars all telling you they are filling up with petrol is not fun, especially if its an early start.

Playing in his play house

I cannot even fit my arse into that house! So I have to stand outside as he instructs me on which of the windows to bang on next. Then I have to run round to the other side and peep at him through a hole. ‘Mummy do eyes’!

The epic but not quite wide enough play house.
The epic but not quite wide enough play house.

This makes it sound as though I am some sort of children’s entertainer/Mother Earth/kids’ TV presenter. I’m not. I have a few cheat games that give the appearance of my undivided attention, these I pull out the bag on sick days, hangover days and general can’t be arsed days (or when I need to do a bit of extra blogging or tweeting);

‘Cooking’ together

He loves wearing his little apron too.
He loves wearing his little apron too.

Shove a load of dried pasta in a bowl, give them a spoon and then you can get on with the cooking yourself.

Become a mountain 

Lay on the sofa with a blanket over you and let them roll cars over you. Good one for when you are hanging but also it feels rather relaxing.

Mums and Dads

When you play mummies you can get yourself a coffee and sit down ‘chatting’. When you playing daddy (at least this applies to our household) you ‘go to work’ which involves me being on the laptop (blogging) and putting a call in to my toddler boss every few minutes or so.

So who really is in control of our playtime? Probably the two year old, because even if I am playing my cheat games, I still get told ‘Mummy do it’  and how to do it ‘say it higher’.

Even when I completely lack the enthusiasm or energy, watching him enjoy himself is so rewarding. Hearing him laugh is even better.

Look at his cheeky face!
Look at his cheeky face!

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  1. I’ll have to try the playing Mummies and Daddies game: it sounds like a breeze. Wait until Postman Pat and Bob the Builder turn into dragons and dinosaurs and then the game becomes a lot more boisterous with them attacking each other. Or maybe that’s just Noah!


  2. This is one of the great things about having twins… or at least my twins. They really do always have someone to play with. Unless they’re arguing, in which case they certainly need my full attention!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw bless him! Sounds like great games though! We’re still in the ‘peekaboo’ and ‘chase me around the room’ stages but Emma is taking a liking to her dolls so we’ve been pretend feeding them which is great when I want to try and cook dinner! #MMWBH


  4. Ahhh I miss daytime naps. My boy is 3 now and yes I feel like I am entertaining him all the time! I must admit, we have YouTube on all the time as he has to watch trains while we make toy train tracks, and look at the trains out of our window. And running around the room in circles – luckily I can just let him do this while I sit on the sofa! Sabrina xx #MMWBH


  5. Ah yes, the Toot Toot cars. One of the songs currently running through my head is a very bright, chirpy “Welcome friends! Music is fun. Listen to the music all day long.” Over and over and over again. Hooray. Great selection of games to play; I particularly like the sound of playing ‘Mummies’.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I remember when my son was a toddler I went to playgroups at least twice a week to keep him entertained. Those mom friends kept me sane through the toddler years haha. I refused to give up naptime until he was four. #HappyQuacks

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Great post and explains my life quite well. My toddler likes me to hide under cushions whilst he pushes cars over them, I try and have sneaky snooze but he always notices! He is also a fan of toot-toot drivers! We have been after a play house in the garden for a while, where did you get your fab one from?
    Becky x

    Liked by 1 person

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