Salmon Fishfingers

Lately, I had gotten lazy with cooking. Having a newborn and a toddler left me uninspired to cook and I resorted to convenience meals and junk. Now baby is 3 months old and my belly is showing no signs of shifting, I had heard my son requesting chips and sweeties way too much lately and my husband constantly complains about his moobs. So the family are on a health kick, or I should say we are changing our habits.

It has started with small things like cooking with coconut butter (super healthy for you and because my son is allergic to dairy and soya) and eating more good fats in our diet such as oily fish and nuts. So today, despite the mountains of crappy nappies, soaking up vom with kitchen roll and clearing up the leftovers of a bird carcass in the garden (the cat was using it to amuse himself with) I still managed to cook a decent meal for the family. Yay me šŸ˜‰

I decided to do healthy fish fingers (or fish sticks to our friends across the pond). I used fresh, smoked salmon. Skinned it and cut into finger strips.


Then dip into a bowl of beaten egg and then into some breadcrumbs mixed with dried parley, salt and pepper. I used packet, gluten free breadcrumbs but you could make your own from whatever bread you like.


Shallow fry in coconut butter (you can use whatever oil you have in the cupboard but as I mentioned previously, there are many health benefits to using coconut oil) for about 5 minutes each side.

And voila!


My two year old son gobbled them up and my husband ate them and thought they were shop bought (he is even fussier than our two year old).

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  1. Fish is our healthy fast food, so quick to prepare and delicious too. Salmon is a favourite in our house so we have it a lot. I haven’t made fish fingers in a long time, thanks for reminding me! I’m glad they were a success with your fussy husband!


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