Baby’s first visitors

Everyone loves a baby. When my eldest was first born we were showered with gifts from friends and family but also parents’ work colleagues, someone who lives over the road to my mum and even my husband’s nan’s neighbour! And God do they love to buy a teddy?

WP_000308 (1)My son literally swimming in teddies.

People stop you in the street to get a quick glimpse of the little darling, particularly old ladies, who somehow always get the sex wrong despite them being dressed in a floral dress.

WP_000182Cards galore through the letter box. So much so, you have to layer them up on display.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the attention and fuss. Who doesn’t? You want the world to look at your baby and think they are adorable. But then its visiting time…

Immediate family are the exception, at least ours are. They have been helpful, mindful and you can be relaxed around them. So when you answer the door in a sick covered dressing gown, you actually feel relieved to see a familiar face.

Friends and more distant relatives come in 3 categories; those who will stick the kettle on themselves and maybe even do a bit of washing up whilst they’re there (love them). Then there are those who offer to help but secretly hope you don’t take them up and wait for you to say ‘no its fine’. Lastly, there are those who, not only don’t offer to help, but will request tea and biscuits or drop not so subtle hints (these I don’t love so much).

When you have either of the first two types of visitors, its usually a breeze and sometimes even a break. They want to hold baby, feed baby and maybe even change a nappy or two. Score!

However, when the last type of visitor comes, you prepare a week in advance a rough schedule of food and drink timings around the children’s feeding and napping times. Its almost like your now supervising more children.

Thankfully, this type of visitor is a rarity and to keep bridges unburned, you grit your teeth and get on with it.  Because after all, everyone loves a baby and its even better when that baby is yours.

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  1. You forgot to mention visitors who bring their year old son and the year old son puts your Infacol in a glass of squash, squeezes himself into your baby’s bouncy chair, and bounds right up to the baby so enthusiastically he almost lands on top of him…


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