5 great reasons for becoming a parent

Looking back on my last posts, I have noticed that I’m not painting a great picture about parenthood. So for those who are expecting or considering starting a family, I want to be more positive so you aren’t completely regretting your decision.

1. You get to be a kid again yourself.

You can now play with dolls, cars, dressing up, whatever takes your fancy with a perfectly valid reason. I’m particularly fond of Toot Toot car track, which I make wind around the whole living room.


2. Experience things like new again

Going to places like the zoo now seem far more exciting than ever. Maybe even more exciting than when you were a kid yourself because you can’t wait to see their faces light up.


3. Christmas is the best

Pretending to be Father Christmas or Santa has got to be way up there. Waiting to see them rip the paper off frantically Christmas morning is definitely better than opening your own presents (yet another pair of pyjamas from relatives). Not to mention this is a great behaviour management strategy, ‘I’m telling Father Christmas if you don’t brush your teeth’.


4. The lighter side of life

Once they start talking, they can come up with some real classics! My son today stripped off in the garden (all except his jelly sandals and hat) got into his Cozy Coupe and informed me he was ‘going to work’. He often likes to point out what ‘bits’ people have too. ‘Leon has a willy and daddy has a BIG willy’. My husband still denies prompting this line.


5. Unconditional love

This goes both ways. They can be smashing your new lamp one minute and you WILL swear. The next, you will be showering them with kisses because they said a heartfelt sorry with their puppy dog eyes. Equally, you can completely lose your rag with them simply because you’re tired but they will still say ‘I love you’ that night at bedtime.


There really are so many more but my post would be of epic proportion, so I will post more mush at a later date.

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  1. A lovely list here! I cannot imagine my life without a child now. It was the best thing that ever happened and is such fun at times! Angela x

    Angela recently posted My Weight Loss Journey May 2015 http://wp.me/p5XRN6-1×1


  2. Now I am visiting from #famjamlinky….I too feel like I get wrapped up in my sarcasm on motherhood and forget that sometimes I need to let people know it’s really just that….sarcasm. BTW your bra looks like mine πŸ˜‰

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  3. Awwee! I think I get more excited for xmas morning than the kids because I can’t wait to see their faces when they rip open the presents!! Also…the unconditional love….I will fight to get my toddler to bed for a nap…somedays I literally have to pin her down to put her pullup on and she is just screaming like I’m killing her!! Then when she wakes up she’s all smiles and gives me a big kiss and hug and is generally in the best mood ever despite the most massive ever meltdown just before sleeping!! haha great post πŸ™‚ thanks for linking #famjamlinky


  4. Ahh this is a great post and I can sooo relate about the naked boy in the garden (other than shoes) and telling us random things…..like he’s going on an important meeting, see you later! Haha.


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